Tammy Senkyr

Tammy Senkyr
Assistant Director / Curriculum Coordinator

Tammy Senkyr is the Assistant Director and Curriculum Coordinator of Country Acres Child Development Center. Tammy is continuing her education in order to obtain an Associate’s degree in Physical Therapy.

Tammy has over twelve (12) years of experience combined in Child Care, Customer Service, Human Resources and being a part of a successful management team. She ensures customer service satisfaction while providing genuine care for staff, parents, and children. Tammy focuses on the operation and instructional leadership at Country Acres Child Development Center.

Being an Assistant Director and Curriculum Coordinator, Tammy’s responsibilities are to develop the academic programs, provide educational resources for each classroom, and manage daily activities within the facility. Tammy works with each teacher to establish objectives in the classroom while supporting the best learning environment for every child. She maintains daily operations of Country Acres CDC by displaying superior customer service, ensuring the health and safety of others, and collaborating with the Executive Director.

Tammy is a proud mother of four (4) children and continues her passion for helping others. She strives for success of all children in our center and encourages management and staff to build a fulfilling academic program. We are excited to have Tammy as a part of our management team.